Our Coffee Roasts

We’re Spilling The Beans On … Our Beans.

Every business, like every individual, has a personality. The upscale restaurant where you have to tuck in your shirt. The organic grocery that has a recyclable version of everything. That Mom & Pop place where you get your hair cut. You know the one. Each one is different, and each brings something unique to the table. So what is our personality at J. Brooks?

You’ll find it in our coffee. Each coffee says a little something different about who we are, and each one gives a nod to the drinker themselves. Find your Roastinality in our coffee selections, and visit The Story to find out more about J. Brooks Coffee.

Our Coffee Beans

Dark & Bold Roasts

Dark roasts are for the more indulgent aficionados. When done well, dark roasts will have noticeable body (creamy, full, heavy) and little to no acidity. Since sugars caramelize in darker roasts, you’ll find a hint of chocolate or caramel to add a nice flare for this chill crowd. J. Brooks Dark roasts will never be bitter. Our beans and roasting process are of the highest quality to ensure you taste the coffee–not the roast level.

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Medium & Smooth Roasts

Medium roasts are for those who enjoy the best of both worlds. They have a little of something for everyone, as the acidity & body are more balanced. This is a good starter roast level for those who are new to coffee, but with such a smooth taste, you may also find that it’s a great place to stay.

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Light & Easy Roasts

Light roasts are for the perky, straight-out-of-bed breakfast types. They generally have a nice acidity, and are preferred by people who are accustomed to conventional “American-roast” coffees, which tend to be light/light-medium. The body can be smooth or velvety as well, for those who need that breakfast transition, but will never be creamy or heavy.

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For the coffee lovers who just want to enjoy the taste of their coffee without getting the caffeine jitters, J.Brooks offers decaffeinated coffee.

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For those with a European flair, J. Brooks Coffee Roasters also offers two Espresso roasts, made from the finest gourmet coffee beans available.

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