Meet Our Roastmaster

The Man Behind The Beans

Meet John Pitman, the guy responsible for bringing out the best in each roast. At J. Brooks, we believe that coffee says a lot about your personality — ours starts here, with John and the beans.

John Pitman is a man with two great passions: people and coffee. After working as roastmaster at another coffee company, John wanted to bring his own brand of specialty coffee to the Mid-South. After a year of dreaming, planning and praying, J. Brooks was born. John believes that coffee is a fantastic medium for fostering relationships and that it has the ability to connect people, locally and globally. Because he believes in that power to connect, he works hard to make sure each cup is stellar and that people can truly enjoy the quality of J. Brooks coffee. John lives in Memphis, TN and is proud of his family, who help fuel his passion for people.